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The Community IPM Network (formerly Northeast Community IPM Working Group) addresses the lawn, garden, landscape and home pest educational needs of the general public. With an estimated 100 million US households with a yard or garden, this audience is underserved when it comes to awareness of and access to quality research-based information they need to protect their family health and environment.

Our Community IPM Network members include extension specialists from the University of Maryland, Cornell University, and Penn State University, Audubon International, EPA-Region III, and the Penn State Arboretum.  Our network of research and education professionals has a national reputation in implementing relevant public education campaigns. We focus on developing fresh approaches to large-scale public education through the use of eye-catching posters with clever messages delivered in public settings, through mass-transit campaigns and new media outlets, such as social networking and video sharing sites.

Our educational content is grounded in IPM best management practices for residential landscapes, lawns, gardens and home pests that affect human health.  Our goal is to elevate IPM public education in order to enhance citizens’ adoption of IPM best management practices which will result in the use of low-risk materials, reduced pesticide use and modifications to residential homes and landscapes which protect human health and the environment.

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North Central IPM Center Director: Susan Ratcliffe, works with the Community IPM Network on content, hosts the domain and site, and provided financial support for site construction along with Northeastern IPM Center.  Information on the North Central IPM Center can be found at and the Northeastern IPM Center at


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